Aids and the youth

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Aids and the youth

Thursday, 23 June in Johannesburg In the South African rural setting, 52 percent of all sexually active young people aged between 15 and 24 report having never used condoms with their most recent partners in the last year. However controlling incidence in young girls is a high priority.

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Nearly a third of all new HIV infections in South Africa occur in year olds with adolescent girls being up to eight times more likely to be infected with HIV that their male counterparts.

A coordinated response is needed which strengthens the support systems available to young women at various contact points such as family, school and healthcare facility, and which offers education around issues such as sexuality and HIV risk.

Right to Care has developed a session support group tool that addresses issues such as contraception, teen pregnancy, gender relations, self-esteem, HIV and treatment adherence. This provides facilitators of the healthcare facility, community and school based support groups with a means of addressing key health issues in an age appropriate manner.

Feeling supported, heard and provided with an opportunity to share worries and concerns with others of the same age can help to foster healthier outcomes.

Support groups and adolescent adherence clubs are a way of achieving this.

Aids and the youth

Internalised stigma is the negative beliefs a young person holds that result in guilt, shame and silence. The extent to which teenagers do this suggests that stigma is still a significant factor in determining how young people deal with HIV infection. However some adolescents confront the reality of infection by educating their peers and through activism, and speaking out against stigma at public gatherings.

However adolescents can develop new skills and behaviours. The resource that Right to Care has developed for use in adolescent support groups is an example of how a psycho-educational tool can help young people to evaluate their decision making.

Challenges Challenges include encouraging healthcare providers and educators to work with young people in a way that is sensitive to their needs, and which does not reflect their own personal values and attitudes regarding adolescent sexuality.

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Other challenges include difficulties experienced in getting groups started and ensuring sustainability.

For example there are issues around space, accessibility and the transport costs involved in regular attendance. In response to this, Right to Care has put together a trouble-shooting guide that provides guidance on how to overcome some of these issues.

During Youth Month, Right to Care is encouraging young people to check their status and for males to go for circumcisions.Founded in as a compassionate response to the AIDS crisis, Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP) leads the community in the fight to overcome HIV/AIDS and its .

Youth Development Talking with Young People About HIV and AIDS: A handbook for parents and caregivers (PDF, KB, 20pg.) Spanish (PDF, MB, 20pg.) New York State Youth Sexual Health Plan: Promoting Sexual Health Through Prevention of HIV/STD and Unintended Pregnancy (PDF) Orders for the.

Landmark Report Documents Challenges of Older Adults Living with HIV in San Francisco; GMHC RAISES MORE THAN $, AT ITS ANNUAL GALA; Crain's New York Profiles GMHC . YouthAIDS is an international nongovernmental, nonprofit education, funding, and health initiative of Population Services International (PSI) that provides humanitarian assistance and brings global awareness to the proliferation of HIV/AIDS.

For middle and high school age youth (ages ), suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death.

Aids and the youth

* For college age youth (ages ), suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. Mission and Purpose The mission of Maui AIDS Foundation is to promote the sexual health and well-being of the members of our community.

With over diagnosed HIV positive people living on Maui, Maui AIDS Foundation (MAF) is the only comprehensive HIV/AIDS organization in Maui County providing assistance with services including linkage to medical care, access to HIV medications, .

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