Case 4 international marketing

Provisions[ edit ] The Code aims to shield breastfeeding from commercial promotion that affects mothershealth workers and health care systems. The Code and resolutions also contain specific provisions and recommendations relating to labelling of infant formula and other breastmilk substitutes. Mothers Information and educational materials on infant and young child feeding should be objective and consistent and emphasize the importance of breastfeeding.

Case 4 international marketing

It investigates the respondent's attitude towards the usefulness of social media in marketing of library. A survey research method was administered by using a peer-reviewed and pilot-tested questionnaire.

Case 4 international marketing

Findings showed that respondent's attitude was positive; majority agreed that the use of social media is important to capture the attention of online users and helps in distance learning and knowledge sharing.

Respondents recommended the use of Facebook, Wikis, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube and online groups for marketing different library services. They indicated that inadequate training opportunities, lack of knowledge, privacy and identity theft, slow speed of internet and electricity failure are the problems for applying social media in libraries of Pakistan for marketing library resources and services.

They demanded for trainings for social media usage and suggested that libraries should develop social media page for maximum exploitation of library services. Study recommends that libraries should develop their marketing plan for utilizing social media for news and service alerts and quick updates to online users and fund raising.

Different applications of Web 2. Social media is an instrument on communication. It is a broad term and covers a large range of web sites which enable people to interact with other visitors. According to the statistics of Julyit has been reported that there are million users of Facebook around the world.

Twitter is being used by million users worldwide. Social media provides more opportunity to reach your community, target specific audiences, and give them a chance to interact with your library.

The whole business of libraries is about connecting people with information and this is what social media is really all about.


Social media helps in reaching out to our communities and providing them information that they need in a very accessible way. There are number of libraries that used Wikis, Flickr, or Blogs for publishing historical photos and ask people to identify people, places, or events pictured.

Different libraries use Wikis for content creation and to create a collaborative relation between library and the community.

Social media marketing of libraries is the way of advertising library, its brand product and services via web 2. By using social media libraries can engage with their clienteles and enable them to participate in the production of library products.

Social media includes networking web sites like Facebook, MySpace, microblogging web sites like Twitter and other media like blogs, podcasts, photos and videos. By posting library material via social media on library page, it can be used by the variety of locations on the Web Tuten Background of the Study In developed countries libraries are using latest trends to market their services.

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Library of Congress is also utilizing social media for marketing its services and to interact with its online users. National library of Australia has embraced the use of social media as a corporate communications and community building tools.

Library supports every employee to have the opportunity to communicate online via social media, professional networking sites, blogs and personal web sites NLA The National Library of Australia uses a variety of social media for notifying news, relevant items from collection and library events.

Facebook is used by the library to inform the library users about major events, activities and recent acquisitions through posting photos, videos and links to resources about the library.

Library uses YouTube for sharing videos of many of the events held at the library. Presentations and talks organized on different topics by the library are disseminated via podcasts NLAn. Hendrix and Zafron found that the main purpose of using Facebook in libraries is to market the library and push out announcements to library users for promotional purpose.

In order to have a presence in the social network, libraries post photos and provide chat reference service. Studies conducted at International level show positive results regarding the use of social media in libraries to market their products and services.

According to the survey report conducted by the South Carolina State Library, it was observed that majority of respondents Similarly, Burkhardt identified that library can market its services and events by using fliers, bookmarks, announcements in calendars of events, newspaper ads, press releases.

Rogers reported that many public libraries in America are embracing social networking tools to promote library marketing services for library patrons.Emagine International’s top priority was to select a cloud-service provider that its customers would have confidence in.

One of the company’s preliminary deployments of was for a telecom that had previously used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for another application. Various Articles on Invention Marketing Companies. Here's what the Deputy Commissioner of the Patent Office had to say in testimony about a bill to regulate such companies.; The comments of chairman of the Intellectual Property Section of the ABA.

"The Picture Claim - The Latest Invention Broker Scam" - a review of Invention Marketing . The development of the marketing mix for that country requires international marketing.

This can be as straightforward as an extension of existing marketing strategies to a total customization of the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) for a specific country.

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International and Intercultural Public Relations provides a format for analyzing public relations campaigns and then applies it in 19 case studies written by public relations scholars. This text uses both the case method and an analysis of public relations campaigns to help students learn to apply concepts of planning, research, and international or intercultural communication to the field of.

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