Gifted students writing activities

Students[ edit ] During the spring semester a screening process is initiated to place incoming students drawn from across the Dallas Independent School District at the TAG Magnet for the following year.

Gifted students writing activities

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I am a Portland parent and wrote this gifted students writing activities as part of a background paper to help the advisory committee make recommendations concerning Portland School District policies. The materials used were readily available reputable studies. However, it does not represent new "findings" nor was it an exhaustive review of the entire literature.

It was intended to convey the views of experts in the field. It has been placed online to make some of the research more accessible to other parents and teachers. As a result of the DTAC recommentations, some changes have occured in the school district. This document does not necessarily reflect the views of the school district or even the Advisory Committee which was not asked to approve it.

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The recommendations that the DTAC did approve are available on this site as the position paper Meeting the needs of gifted children in Portland Public Schools. The suggestion about placing students at the 80th. The suggestion has not been implemented. It involves the use of existing school curricula, although it may also include additional materials.

For example, acceleration may involve assigning a fifth-grade student the curriculum topics that are usually covered in a sixth-grade mathematics class, even if the actual problems or text are slightly different.

Acceleration is most meaningful when a school district has a well-established curriculum and the successive years of school involve steadily increasing levels of difficulty.

Acceleration implies that academically advanced students will progress faster through the school system than other students. It means adapting curriculum to the student's assessed level of mastery, rather than insisting that a single curriculum is appropriate for all students of the same age.

It also implies that students who master more advanced subjects will receive academic credit and promotion based on their level of mastery, not the "seat time" spent in school. Acceleration is distinguished from enrichment, which fills the time of children who learn more quickly by offering materials or activities that do not allow faster progress through the established curriculum.

Enrichment activities may include introducing students to other fields or activities, such as art, music, journal writing, clubs or field trips; assigning additional work at the same level of difficulty, or assigning the advanced student various school responsibilities such as classroom aide.

For example, a mathmatics enrichment program for a fifth grade student, instead of introducing the sixth-grade curriculum which includes decimals and percentages, might use more complex word problems that can be solved with the student's existing ability to multiply and divide but need more time than the problems given to other students.

Or it might include subjects not normally offered in fifth grade mathematics such as tesselation or chess. Or it might simply mean assigning twice as many problems as other children have.

Acceleration can be achieved in several different ways including: Several of these acceleration options also involve ability grouping: Several of these acceleration options are logically linked together: Research concerning the effects of acceleration.Written in an accessible, conversational style, Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students is a "must" for educators and parents of gifted children at all levels of grade mtb15.comt Book Review.

gifted students writing activities

Gifted and Talented Activity - Postcard Creative Writing Project: Students work together use creative writing to communicate a "secret" travel location using a postcard.

Peers will use questioning strategies to make an educated guess of the location. Designed for gifted and talented program, but also great for any class or subject, especially for beginning .

ACCELERATION FOR GIFTED STUDENTS: A background paper created for the Portland Public School District Talented and Gifted Advisory Committee. Margaret DeLacy, April 19, CONTENTS. Teaching our students to prewrite, write, and rewrite is a difficult process.

Much like getting students to show their work in math, process writing is a challenge for gifted students who work intuitively and are annoyed by artificial processes. gifted children being peer tutors in the classroom; the gifted student should be challenged as well.

Emphasis should be on working together in the classroom. Cluster gifted children together as a table within the regular classroom and utilize advanced materials, as well as other suggested resources and modification, to meet their .

Shaughnessy () recommended expanded literacy activities for the gifted. Guest speakers in the classroom, creative writing and connecting books with television or movies are examples of recommended activities.

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