Mercedes viano advertisement good or

Eight 8 Seater Merc Being based on the commercial van platform, the Viano is a questionable effort on a crossover to a people carrier.

Mercedes viano advertisement good or

Mercedes-Benz launched an interactive billboard in Berlins Farsightedness underground subway station. By recognizing car key signals through a radio receiver, a new film clip starts each time a signal is received.

All kinds of strength. The new GLE.

To set everything up for the interactive campaign, 12 digital advertising displays were installed and the underground station went through an extensive overhaul that was accomplished in collaboration with Wallace Berlin Outside, The Interactive billboard works In such a way that when someone pushes their own Mercedes remote key near one of the displays, the side door of the digital Piano slides open.

Each time, different kinds of passengers come out, ranging from female body builders to sumo wrestlers to robots. The goal, of course, is to show off Just how much room the Mono has inside.

The objectives of this advertisement is to create awareness and provide information of the room the Mercedes-Benz Piano has. In addition to the primary objectives, Mercedes would have looked to persuade the audience to change attitude, inform ND educate and touch emotion through the use of humor in the ad.

These objectives are essential In all advertising In order to gain desired effects Wells et al. Mercedes-Benz believed in order to achieve this, the advertisement would need to engage the audience first and educate about the space offered In a Mercedes Plano.

Mercedes viano advertisement good or

By doing so, they can create awareness among the The Mercedes-Benz interactive billboard is extremely clever.

It uses innovation and humor in a creative and effective way. At first, the ad looks like a typical car billboard. This in itself is enough to grab the attention of people.

However, once it is revealed the billboard is interactive, the audience experience something like nothing else. Due to its overall uniqueness and use of humor to emphasis its message of how much space the Piano has inside, the ad really breaks through the clutter.

Lisa Duke said that an effective creative concept needs four characteristics; focus, uniqueness, generations and truth Wells et al. The brilliance in this creative idea is that it touches on all of these characteristics. The focus is on the Mercedes-Piano, it is extremely unique, it can be generated into a number of other billboards and other car models and the ad is truthful in delivering its message of the Piano having lots of space.

Mercedes viano advertisement good or

As mentioned before, to be effective the ad needs to have focus, uniqueness, imperativeness and truth. The Mercedes-Benz Piano ad definitely meets this criteria. It has impact because the uniqueness of the ad breaks through the clutter and thus allows Mercedes to communicate its message.

Most importantly, this ad is extremely involving. It arouses curiosity and attention whilst keeping on brand. Thus, the ad was very effective, reaching the objectives it wishes to achieve in a creative and memorable way.

The ad is very unique and creative and I believe it was executed very well. The best part of the ad is that it uses humor to show how much space is the Mercedes Piano, whilst being able to stay perfectly on brand. I have two recommendations. Firstly, I believe Mercedes should launch a series of interactive billboards in multiple subways around Europe, with different car models, all with their unique interactive theme specific to each Mercedes car model.

Secondly, I think that because the billboard is activated by Mercedes-Benz key elders, it is limited to essentially existing customers.Advertising Last completed movie pages Mercedes-Benz Viano [W] Mercedes-Benz Viano in Ulitsy razbitykh fonarey, TV Series, Ep.

Class: Cars, Van / MPV — Model origin: Background vehicle. Comments about this vehicle. No comments yet. Add a comment. "The Mercedes Viano is essentially a van with more seats, so there's loads of interior space." The Mercedes-Benz Viano rapidly became a popular choice for anybody needing to regularly carry groups.

The Mercedes Benz fan blower motor regulator is a series of resisters in a printed circuit board about 2-inches square located right next to the blower motor. The Mercedes has a series of sensors that, working in concert with a computer, maintain a constant climate in response to the settings on the console.

These. As our business VANS offer extra space, they are the right choice when you are traveling in group or have lots of luggage.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Mercedes-Benz Viano, VW T6, or equivalent. Our verdict on the Mercedes-Benz Viano Ambiente (Extra Long) The Viano is a special car for performing special duties.

If you need an XL-size people carrier there are plenty out there that are cheaper and easier to live with around town. Select the model of the Mercedes-Benz Van/Minivan you are interested in. See Mercedes-Benz Van/Minivan photos, videos, available colors, and get a degree view.

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