World war ii vocabulary

Italy entered the war on June 10, shortly before the collapse of France armistice signed June 22,

World war ii vocabulary

December 7, Vocabulary: It began with a surprise air attack very early in the morning. Many Japanese fighter planes dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor in an attempt to harm the U. The Japanese destroyed or disabled most of the United States' Pacific fleet.

Thousands of American lives were lost as the attack took place. His address was broadcast by radio around the nation. Read and listen to President Roosevelt's speech to Congress and be prepared to discuss your thoughts with the class.

Make sure you take notes and are able to discuss the event in class. In your journal write an essay as if you were a soldier or nurse stationed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, What did you do?

Causes of WWII

How did you feel? What were you thinking? Axis and Allied Powers Vocabulary: World War II was fought by two major groups of nations. They became known as the Allied and Axis Powers. Who Were the Allied Powers? The Allied Powers came together in order to defend against the attacks of the Axis Powers.

The Allied Powers were originally made up of four countries: Who Were the Axis Powers? Their alliance began with the friendship treaty between Germany and Italy that formed the Rome-German Axis.

In Germany and Italy strengthened that treaty by signing the Pact of Steel. Who were the world leaders in World War II? You will be divided into groups of students.

"World War II" translation into Spanish

Each group will be assigned a leader of a country Axis or Allied Powers. You must create a poster about your assigned leader that states his name, country, politics, and positive or negative influences on the world.

Use the attached website as well as two others of your choosing to develop your poster. Posters will be presented to the class and hung on the wall for future reference.

The American Home Front Vocabulary: Women and Minorities at Home, video: Propaganda in the U. When the United States entered the war in many more men were sent to fight, which left women to do their part on the home front.

WebQuest: World War II and The United States of America

Although women did not become combat soldiers they did help by serving in the armed forces as nurses and pilots. Everyone had to do their part. Women were especially important.World War II.

Download / Print Description. Solve the game by finding all of the words which relate to the second World War.

World War II Word Search

Other Puzzles. View all puzzles in "History" category. Animals Television Shows Food & Drink General Countries Teen Television Movies Science Vocabulary Music Geography Synonyms Educational Seasonal Kids Sitcoms. World War II Definition A war that was fought from to between the Allies (Great Britain, United States, Soviet Union, and many other countries) and the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan, and other countries); the Allies wanted to stop the Germans from overtaking Europe and Japan from taking over the islands in the Pacific.

Aug 14,  · World War 2 Vocabulary Words A-z Holocaust vocabulary, Holocaust word list - a free resource used in over Weapon, Widespread, Wipe out, World War II, Worry, Worst, Wound, Wrong.

World war ii vocabulary

An online vocabulary list builder that allows you to customize vocabulary lesson plans and vocabulary worksheets using. This lesson plan will help you teach your students how propaganda was used in World War II. Students will read lessons and participate in group activities.

Explain the aggression and conflict leading to World War II in Europe and Asia; include the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, the Spanish Civil War, the Rape of Nanjing in . During World War II, the Nazi regime used the S.S.

to handle the extermination of Jews and other racial minorities, among other duties.

World war ii vocabulary

The S.S. had its own army, independent of the regular German army (the Wehrmacht), to carry out its operations behind enemy lines.

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